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7 Things we believe we'll see in a Red Dead Redemption Sequel

By Brem posted Aug 23rd 2016, 05:29 PM in Original Content


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There has not been an official announcement for a sequel to Red Dead Redemption yet, but fans have speculated that it will be announced fairly soon. With it being one of the most popular games to come out in the past ten years, it’s no kidding people want more. With that being said, what do fans expect from a new Red Dead game? Will the main character be John Marston from year past when he was with his gang? What about a new character or new location? Well, here are some possibilities that we can see happen with a new Red Dead game.

It will take place 20 or more years back.

This is kind of a given if a new Red Dead were to be announced. Red Dead Redemption took place in 1911, when automobiles were starting to be produced and the wild west was starting to fade into obscurity. Going further onwards could pose a problem to the idea of this being the a true to nature western game. Of course it could pose a pretty interesting idea to continue on but it’s likely fans want to see either John Marston’s rise or the wild west in its former glory. Going 20 years or more back from when Redemption did could be a good idea to bring in more of that western fandom.

You will be able to swim


Img source: Quick Meme

Unlike Red Dead Redemption, where falling in water was always an instant death, the sequel will finally allow swimming. There might even be underwater missions to tackle in the main game. It won't be a main focus of the game, but it could add something extra fun to the game.


John Marston will not be the main character, but he might be around

john masrston.jpg

Img source: Game Informer


Even though many people want to see more of John Marston’s history, it’s highly unlikely they’ll delve deeper into the character. It’s possible we might see him as a side character as Rockstar is known to do that with the GTA series, and it’s possible some missions might revolve around him in some way. What’s more likely is a whole new character that will get some time to shine. Look at what GTA has done over the years. They don’t usually have the same protagonist in sequels. Expect to see a new character at the forefront instead of John Marston or his son.

Maybe we’ll see more than one protagonist


Img source: GTA Wikia

With GTA V having three protagonists, the chance of seeing more than one playable character in the sequel to Redemption is very possible. Not only this, but it could create a unique way to tell a story. Imagine a homage to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and each protagonist is out for themselves only. Imagine seeing these three characters go through their own storyline, and depending on how each character was played, it could create various endings. GTA V had three endings, that the player could choose. This could be done with three characters in a sequel to Redemption.

Online will be much different than GTA Online and likely will be very similar to Redemption


Img source: Red Dead Wikia

Red Dead Redemption had a really well done online mode. Playing with friends always felt like being a part of the wild west. Fighting other gamers around the world on horseback, and partaking in gang hideouts was a blast. It was also quite enjoying getting a ton of people to join a single posse and go out and out other players and posse’s. Now, it may not sound that different than GTA Online. But, it likely won't include all of the side activities GTA Online possesses currently. It’s likely online will be much of the same, with a slew of added modes and ideas to make it that much better. Imagine a sequel to the Undead Nightmare, playing with friends in a new version of the survival mode, would be pretty exciting. And that brings us to our next point.

Fully customizable online character


Img source: StreamerHouse

GTA Online allowed for more customization for characters than what we’ve seen from them in the past. But GTA Online didn’t really do it too well. We weren’t allowed to really do much with our character model aside from being able to mess with the face, hair, and clothes. There was no way to increase or decrease height and weight, there was no way to morph the face. With Redemption online it was more of a character select screen. GTA Online did try to give more abilities to the fans, but it didn’t seem to be enough. People like to have fun with their character and having the ability to make their character any way they want, would be great.


More Zombies and other cool DLC


Img source: Red Dead Wikia

At this point, fans already expect a sequel to also come with a new undead nightmare. The Undead Nightmare was one of the most popular DLC contents released during the last generation, and it continues to still be praised to this day. It’s a must that Rockstar does a sequel to the Undead Nightmare in DLC form at some point because it’s something that’s essentially a requirement from fans. There is a chance we’ll see more DLC released, but our bet is that it’ll mainly just be The Undead Nightmare 2 with some online DLC released down the road.


Anyways, what did you think of our list? Is there something you’d like to see in the new Red Dead? What was your favorite pick from this list? When do you think Rockstar will announce the sequel to Red Dead Redemption? Feel free to leave your mark in the comment section below.


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