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  1. kube00 kube00

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    Quote by yankees7448

    Quote by kube00


    I miss Goozex until the site ended. Kinda miss VGFive which was a much smaller site that was sold to Goozex.


    99Gamers was fun until the last 6 months or so


    Goozex and VGfive were ok. I had success on those sites but I have never liked the queue system. 99gamers was the s h i t. I got a ton of stuff on that site. On the plus side I managed my credits wisely so when arm chair economists ruined the sites I didn't leave any credits on the table. Same thing on this site.


    Yea! I had a good time with all trading sites. I was pretty generous a few times on Goozex sent guides with loose GBA games. Got a few sealed things including a sealed Madden 2009 for OG Xbox


    Now 99Gamers I got a ton of boxed stuff but I was super wary with that site based on the way things were going for the last year plus. I spent as fast as I got the credits.


    Goozex's domain used to re-direct to 99gamers ugh those guys behind 99Gamers were bad news. 


    Anyways, I am enjoying this discussion, I think the worse site of them all has been Gameflip. So many scummy people there. 

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  2. yankees7448 yankees7448

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    99gamers was amazing. The people who sucked are those "credit valuation" trolls who always ruin these sites.