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Birthday wishes

  1. Brem Brem

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    Got a birthday you want to tell everyone about? Well do so here. If it's your birthday feel free to post what day it is here. You can also share what date your birthday falls on, but we can't garauntee we'll be able to wish you a happy birthday later on, so please tell us it's your birthday on any day and we'll say Happy birthday your way.  


    Anyways, my birtdhay is on October 24th. I'll probably bring it up then. haha! List yours here. 




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  2. Corrupt Corrupt

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    My birthday is on August 6th. So wish me a late birthday if you like.

  3. mmcghee00 mmcghee00

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    october 19th

    ````Don`t you wish your gaming was good like mine!?!? DON`T CHA`````
  4. TheBlueMeanie TheBlueMeanie

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    I turn 40 tomorrow.


  5. Lissa Lissa

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    Quote by TheBlueMeanie

    I turn 40 tomorrow.



    If you're THE Blue Meanie... I have a picture with you somewhere on one of my older computers haha


    Happy Birthday!!! Laughing

  6. bbgunn5000 bbgunn5000

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    Happy Birthday Corrupt!!!

  7. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    jan 4th 1983  im 34 

  8. Bgo318 Bgo318

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    March 18