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Custom Shipping Weights Allowed on Shipping Screen

  1. Leaptrade Leaptrade

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    We've added the shipping weight of the package to the shipping screen, so if you need to increase the weight because you have a heavier than normal game, you can do it from that screen.  


    If you are changing the weight, make sure you weigh the entire package, including any packaging or tape you've added.  


    We don't currently allow you to decrease the weight below the default weight we have for that game.  This is just a precaution to avoid problems with the post office returning packages that are weighed incorrectly.  If you know the weight is lower than what we have listed, you can send us a message or email us at and we can manually changes the weight for that game.


    Packages up to 7oz are included in the base shipping price, but once you go to 8oz and higher there is an increase shipping cost to pay for the higher shipping charges from the post office.  Once you go over 13oz then the cost also increases since we have to move from the cheaper first class mail to the more expensive priority mail shipping. (That should only happen when shipping multiple games)


    Every time a user changes the weight for a trade, we get updated and we can choose to save that new weight permanently so all future trades for that game will use the updated weight.

  2. wildo88 wildo88

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    thanks for the update LT!


    so, if a game ends up be adjusted to a 6oz weight (for example) does that mean shipping that game will cost less? 


    I completely understand the need to charge a bit more for games that weigh more, but I think that will add a layer of complexity to shipping that might turn some folks away.  The idea of a single cost shipping label and no site fee to ship a game is appealing and simple to grasp and something that I think helps the site.  Even if folks know and understand that there is a service fee baked in there, to me at least it is one that is easy to swallow.


    I would be curious if the number of underweight games would be able to offset the number of overweight games in the long run somehow.  Or, maybe this isn't something to worry about a ton if 95% of the games fall into that "7 oz" category.  You guys probably have all the data and smarts to figure this out anyways

  3. Leaptrade Leaptrade

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    Thanks for the feedback.


    We are basically doing what you suggested, we are absorbing the cost of the 6oz and 7oz labels an making up for it with some of the 3-4oz labels.  The percentage of games over 7oz is pretty low, most are in the 5oz-6oz range, unless you have some crazy heavy packaging.  You'll mostly see over 7oz when you are sending multiple games, and then you are getting a beter deal on shipping by sending multiple games at once.

  4. Gamer_ Gamer_

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    Two thumbs up to this change.  I check out putting higher weights in today and it was real nice being able to bump up to priority mail if needed.  Not having to use Pay Pal makes this Leap feature very valuable to me and I don't mind paying a little extra to use it.