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Dead Rising: Watchtower

  1. Brem Brem

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    Dead Rising: Watchtower is a movie based on the hit video game Dead Rising. It stars Rob Riggle as Frank West. It is a Crackle exclusive film which is expected to come out on March 27th. 


    Here's the trailer: 


    Anyways, who's interested in watching this? I personally want to check it out, mainly for Rob Riggle, he's a hilarious guy and I think he could make the movie. 


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  2. Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

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    I think it'd be funny to see, but I'm not expecting much from this. It is a free movie essentially so it wasn't meant to be seen in theaters. I'll check it out on Crackle whenever it comes out. 

  3. Rage Rage

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    Looks actually quite fun. You really can't go in and expect this film to be great, it'll be a campy mess, but hopefully it'll be a good campy mess worth watching. I like that Rob Riggle is in this, so it should be fun. But from what the trailer shows, it doesn't look like he'll be featured a ton. 

  4. Macman Macman

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    I want to see it, but I wont be hoping much for it to be honest. I don't expect a ton of good from it, but I bet it'll be fun at least.