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Do you ever find yourself not using streaming services much anymore?

  1. Brem Brem

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    Like Netflix, Hulu Plus and so on? Do you ever find yourself not streaming as many shows and movies like you used to? Normally I try to watch a new show eveyr once in a while, but as of late, I haven't really been using Netflix as much. I did just get Hulu Plus recently, so that may be why. 


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  2. NRodman NRodman

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    I use Netflix quite often. I usually watch something while I eat breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. So I use it a lot. As for Hulu, not much. I only use it if a show I like, is currently airing and I tune in on there if I miss an episode.

  3. Mobius Evalon Mobius Evalon

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    I previously used Bing Rewards credits to pay my Hulu Plus subscription, but I finally quit doing that a month back.  All of the Hulu originals are available for free as are Jon Stewart's Daily Show and Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show, which were all I ever watched on there.  The amount of trackers and advertisers on Hulu is shameful, since Comcast is doing their best to sell all of your information as well as take your subscription money.


    Netflix is in the unfortunate position of not having a bunch of anti-consumer suits running its business like Hulu does, so it's really difficult for them to secure rights to anything on pay TV.  They have proven time and again that they make amazing originals though, Daredevil only being the most recent success that everyone is foaming at the mouth for a second season.  HBO is finally worth it now that they have HBO Now which does not require a pay TV subscription like the stupid HBO Go did (and a great number of things on Hulu Plus for that matter), so I was finally able to start watching Game of Thrones.


    If anything, my streaming is increasing.  I'm in an apparently unique situation where the things I desire to watch are not pop culture phenomenons and I've survived as a cord cutter for several years now.

  4. SuperZeo SuperZeo

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    I'm in the same position as Mobius. I have Hulu to catch up on my favorite network shows during the normal tv season, only going to the CW main site to catch new episodes of Flash and Arrow a few hours after they air. I have a Netflix for movies and to watch older favorite shows, Amazon Prime to watch was Netflix doesn't have (and with access to music included and 2-day shipping, I find it's a great deal), a Crunchyroll subscription for newer anime, and I find myself watching Twitch a lot, I'm perfectly happy with not having a tv. Sometimes I go without using them for a few weeks if I really get into a game, but then I'm right back to streaming. Overall, I'm paying $50/year for Amazon Prime (I have a student account), and about $15/mo for both Crunchyroll and Netflix. I'd say, that is much cheaper than a cable package and I feel that I get more variety and options to choose what I watch.

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