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Does the new Terminator compare to the original?

  1. Brem Brem

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    I have not yet seen Terminator Genisys or however you spell it, but I hear it plays with the original movie somewhat, but they change the timeline around a bit. What did you guys think of it? I'm not a super duper Terminator fan or anything, but I do enjoy the first two films. Let me know what you guys thought. 


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  2. NRodman NRodman

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    I'm actually hoping to see it tomorrow with a few friends. So I will hopefully have an answer then. I did hear the movie takes place in the first movie's time line, as you can see in previews where swartzenegger is fighting off the t-100 or whatever they called it.


    I'm excited to see it, even though the reviews didn't paint a good picture.