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Does the news report on too much unimportant things?

  1. Brem Brem

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    Joined: 2 Sep 2013

    The news to me, reports mostly on fashion, celebrities and other such things. I know there are news outlets that report on crime, politics, extreme weather and so on, but it seems that more news outlets focus on dumbing down the news by talking about fashion, celebrities and social-lites. 


    Isn't it annoying?


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  2. Captain B Captain B

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    Yeah they report on nonsense these days. It's one thing to report about celebrities, but to report on fashion, now come on. That's just dumb imo. I suppose there are shows set for that, but don't add it to the important news shows like The Today Show or whatever. 

  3. Jared Jared

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    Yeah they report on some really dumb things. But sometimes it's good for news to share the lighter side of things. If it makes people happy to see a celebrities baby or find out they're getting married, I think it's okay. I just don't like seeing it done too much. 

  4. Crazy K Crazy K

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    Hell yeah it does. The media is all about reporting dumb things. Yeah they report about important things mostly, but they've been adding in the likes of fashion, celebrity gossip and just general comedy nonsense here and there. It just doesn't work.