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DOOM VIP Giveaway!

  1. Brem Brem

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    Quote by Donald Stafford

    i have a wii u i can giv away but i want somthing out of it i want 1000 new real users not fake bots instoliing inactive acountnts


    Hey Donald, thanks for the offer, but we don't know when our next giveaway starts up. 


    As for the fake bots, we don't have any bots/fake users. It's likely you may be dealing with inactive users. And those users should be taken care of for failing to accept. We sorted the timer issue we had a bit ago, so if any users are inactive and you get matched with them, they will be taken out of the queue soon enough. 


    Also, we did notice a few past users sign into Leaptrade recently. And if their account was on hold before signing in, that means their games would be re-listed for trade. If they end up leaving again, they will be taken out of the queue pretty fast. 


    If you encounter a user who you feel was inactive, please let me know and I can check into when he last signed in. 


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