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Eminem still relevant?

  1. Brem Brem

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    Eminem is by far one of the best rappers ever to do the genre, so with that being said, is he still even relevant? I don't hear much about him and his music anymore and most of his new albums aren't major hits from what I can see. Then again I could be wrong since I haven't been a big fan of his music since I was 12 or so. 




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  2. Macman Macman

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    I think so. He still makes really awesome music and he is with the times, so that's hard to do for an musician/%!$@*#. I personally think he's gotten better, even though his older music is superior, he's getting better at his talent. 

  3. t13me12roper t13me12roper

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    I personally don't like the way the "new eminem" sound. Like he said he sounds like a robot. His old stuff just had more heart. He would say things without biting his tounge. Even though he would exaggerate a lot, it was fun you know. When it was time to get serious, he could do that as well with songs like "Sing for the moment". But to answer your question, yes he is still relevant, but not his recent music. His catalog speaks for itself. I'm sure all his albums went platinum. He was the first white %*@#*& to do it on such a big scale. White rappers like Macklemore and Iggy are getting their, but you can't compare them to Eminem, not yet. I compare EM to 2pac, Big, JayZ. To have so much heart and soul in your music, it will resignate with anyone, making them Superstars. 

  4. Kenny Kenny

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    I think most artists lose what made them a star to begin with. Eminem makes good music, but he hasn't struck gold like he did with his first few albums. I think when an artist makes new music often, it hurts the overall feel of their music, and for me, Eminems older music is far superior. 

  5. Rage Rage

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    I think he's still very relevant. His music still sells big time and he still makes some awesome songs. His older music may be more iconic, but even today his new music could be iconic down the road. It takes time.