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    Forum Rules: Established May 19th, 2014; Updated July 30th, 2014/ Updated again 2/16/2020 to add some rules on trading and the use of seller notes. 


    Before I begin I would like to introduce myself to all of the new users here. I am Brem, but I also go by Dave. I am the Forum Moderator here, and I just make sure everything here on the forums go smoothly for everyone here. If you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to help. 


    Anyways, to the real subject at hand, the rules:


    Leap Trade is a fantastic community for traders. We pride ourselves with keeping the site fun and safe for everyone. Here are some basic rules to follow when posting within the forums. These rules only pertain to the forums which include; Off Topic, Gaming, Entertainment, Help & Support and Suggestions. Announcements are strictly for announcing updates, so only topics posted by people working for, or with Leap Trade. Any other topics will be deleted.



    Do not post offensive material and don't be offensive to others, which would include; racism, bigotry, trolling, swearing, bullying, etc. This also pertains to pornographic material, which would most likely get you banned immediately.



    Do not advertise on the forums. If you want to post your YouTube channel or something else, post it in your signature. Only one link is allowed in your signature. Don't post anything asking for money or post referral links. Don't advertise any offensive material either. Links to social media sites are fine.  



    Do not post topics about selling something of yours. This includes digital items, movies, books, albums, electronics, and even video games. The site is specially made to trade video games for credits or other video games through the F2F trade system. Don't post topics on the forum about selling something of yours by private message or through another means. Topics like this will be deleted. Users can still post what games they have for trade, what they want, and so forth in the appropriate gaming sections. 



    We have a no name & shame policy here at Leaptrade. Which means users are not to post about others who can't defend themselves. We believe the best way to address an issue with a user, is to contact Leaptrade support. If there's a problem with the forum, you may contact any of the mods on the forum, or you may contact Leaptrade personally. Do not name and shame a user in the forum or anywhere. Some users may not be around to defend themselves, and if there is a serious problem with a user, it's best to contact Leaptrade support personally through e-mail rather than through the Help & Support forums. We understand sometimes someone may be scamming or trying to be rude to someone, but calling them out to the whole forum isn't the appropriate thing to do. Leaptrade's E-mail support will surly help you out much better in this instance. 


    To contact leaptrade about a user you're having trouble with, please contact Leaptrade



    If you plan to post a topic, please make sure it goes to the correct location. If it's anything to do with video games, it must go to the Gaming section. If it's in Entertainment or any other area, it will be moved to the appropriate location.



    The Gaming section is for gaming news, talk and so on, as well as talking about what games you have and want. But more on that later.



    The Entertainment section is for anything to do with movies, tv, music, books, anything one may find entertaining.



    The Off Topic area is for anything not fitting into other areas. Which could include general chatter about nearly anything. As long as it's appropriate.



    Help and Support is for anything to do with getting help on the site. This includes problems with requests, trade, the forum, and more. If you're having a problem with the site or anything, post it here.



    Suggestions is for simply suggestions and ideas you think would help make the forum and site a better place. If you want to see something added, or something changed, post a topic in this area.



    Announcements are meant to announce important things on the site/forum. It is meant for people in charge to post on, so please don't post there.



    Now, I would like to discuss something about the stickied areas in the Gaming section. These topics are stickied for a reason, that reason being to make sure the gaming section isn't full of request/want threads. The sticked sections are there for a reason. The rest of the gaming area is dedicated to gaming talk, news, reviews, etc.



    Game Request/Wants – Post games you are requesting and want here:

    Game Requests/Wants: PLAYSTATION

    Game Requests/Wants: XBOX

    Game Requests/Wants: NINTENDO

    Game Requests/Wants: PC

    GameRequests/Wants: RETRO & OTHER



    Games missing from the database – Post games that are not listed on the site yet here:



    Up For Trade queue – Post what games you have available for trade here:



    Now, get to posting. Have fun and happy trading to you all!  



    Updated additions to rules for trading with seller notes -  2/16/2020:




    Seller Notes rule additions:




    1. Users cannot use seller notes to request extra credit for a trade. The price it is listed at, must be honored. If this results in a trade cancellation after the trade is confirmed, it will result in a credit penalty.




    2. Users must not list under the incorrect condition and explain the actual condition in the seller note. If this results in a trade cancellation after the trade is already confirmed, it will result in a credit penalty.



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