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Furious 7

  1. Brem Brem

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    If anyone has gotten into the Fast N Furious films these past few years, well we're getting another one, this time with Paul Walker passing last year, it's most likely the final film. I liked the last couple films in the franchise because they try not to go all super serious on us and it can be quite fun to get into. 


    Anyways, trailer here: 




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  2. MDB1996 MDB1996

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    Just saw the 2nd trailer for Furious 7 it looks epic i cant wait till it comes out everyone is tripping it not being based around streetracing anymore but the majority including myself dont care they still have cars in the movie + alot of action so im down with the directon they have taken throughout the series

  3. Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

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    The thing about these films, is that they don't usually imply racing anymore. Furious 7 sounds more like a similar title to The Seven Samurai or The Magnificent Seven or something along those lines. I'm excited to see how this goes. The last few films were great and really made a difference in the series. Here's hoping they don't stop here. I know Paul Walker being gone can be a problem, but I think they could find a way to do more sequels. 

  4. Macman Macman

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    I like the Fast and Furious franchise, even the bad movies I tend to get into these days. I really think this is going to be the final film. But who knows for sure, we could see spin-offs and future sequels.