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Garage Sale and Yard Sale finds

  1. kube00 kube00

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    Anyone had any luck this year? 


    Ever had a crazy find where you couldnt believe it was possible?


    I've had two a Sega CDX with games for $20 and a Sega Saturn in a rental case for $25


    I've had a few more finds this year, I'll post them later

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  2. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    thanks for making this post I always wanted to but fall asleep in my chair navigating to the menu and the trolls now steal all my free time I don't go to my messages anymore they win it's odd my game dealers are the ones trolling me. on right now it trying to have me in debt for food he tricking theirs  but I don't make any money trading games and I do my taxes every year at her block I'm legit  its crazy when I give DVDs and candy with every sale  and always back any unhappy sales  they all troll me for sport  its crazy how others only believe trolls when the proof is in my works 


    'I've had two a Sega CDX with games for $20 and a Sega Saturn in a rental case for $25' wow man  now you need to buy the ram carts and the memory carts and system link cable. for your Saturn.  is it model 1?

    june 2ed 138 DVD cib, pc powered stereo speakers, 2 cib pc games. 1 Xbox 360 game, pc full set nascer 2000 with controller weel and pedals manual,  game boy advance travel case  

    all for 40.01 USD    in only 30 minutes  

  3. Junior Junior

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    Got 4 copies of Gears of War 4 for $30 each. Might start a YouTube channel to post my finds.