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I Need Every Members help To Keep Up My Specialty orders

  1. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    Joined: 10 May 2016

    i can get free mony  right now im making 8 cents a dayon my youtube but i need cant cash out till i have 1000 subscribers so please will every leaptrader subscribe and like i need you all to open a secont tab ot 10 and play the video repeatavle  the ones with the most comershals   you dont have to watch  thats why theres a secont tab   if all 4000 of you do thid every day i will sell every game here at cost in credits bringing credits back to one to one value.  i will all way flude the sitgh and take orders from my imgur i just need the money to help you all. and i will have givaways every mouth and it will be grate things like nintendo switches but i need you all to farm my youtube all 4000 of you this money will not be for me it will be for the comunity for me to buy games  n


    now if any of you say theres no games it tryll is your own falt beacse of lazyness i provide sulutions and you all get in your on way    so please start subscribing, likeine  ill keep fluding the sight with next gen games


    bookmark this and like and subscribe every video:


    the youtube with all the adds to let your second tabs to auto play and get me payed so i can keep selling games and at cost :