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Is NBC done for when it comes to original shows?

  1. Brem Brem

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    NBC used to be one of the top tier channels on cable, now it seems to be all but forgotten, with only a small amount of shows doing good on the network. These shows are mainly The Today Show, The Voice, Days of Our Lives and day time talks shows and of course The Black List. Their original comedies, dramas and so on don't really go very far. 


    It was also just announced that Hannibal was cancelled a few episodes in. Which I was devastated to hear. And it looks like the show will not be picked up by Netflix or another network (cast and crew got out of contracts). 


    With this being said, it also seems that there are no other shows that really last. What do you think about this? Is NBC losing it? I know they also own USA, Sci-Fi and a few other channels, so they can always fall on those channels in time of need, but NBC should be pulling in the top numbers. What do you think? 


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  2. NRodman NRodman

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    They do have The Blacklist, which is an awesome show. But I do agree, most of their shows seem to tank after a season or two. Most of their comedies fall flat and their more serious shows don't last too long either.

  3. zach_boy zach_boy

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    NBC had some of THE best shows I've seen. I really enjoyed that channel. Its a shame its not really doing much now besides the blacklist which I must admit (Dont judge me please lol), I haven't seen. Please tell me, is it good? I've read what its about but still havent gotten to watching it. And Hannibal oh boy that one was insane.