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is there too many VR headsets already?

  1. Brem Brem

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    VR headsets everywhere, popping up here and there. It seems as if we're getting more and more. We already have the Oculus Rift, Sony's Morpheus, Microsofts Hololens, Valves headset and I believe some others are jumping in as well. Is it becoming a bit too much? I understand competition is fine, we see it everywhere, but why so many? I just wonder how much each one will cost, because this could be the future of gaming, where we get similar devices, doing similar things and costing various prices. 


    Discuss your thoughs. 


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  2. Captain B Captain B

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    I knew that Sony, Microsoft and others would jump in and join the battle. I would like to see Nintendo jump in eventually, maybe with their next console whenever it comes out. Aside from that, I think we'll see one for each big console and that's it. 

  3. NRodman NRodman

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    The more the better, this way we can see which ones are better and which ones will be forgotten in due time. I really think the Oculus Rift will see the big time while the one from Valve will survive as well with the Lololens breaking even. I'm not too sure about Sony's headset though.