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Joan Rivers dead at 81

  1. Brem Brem

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    Joan Rivers, the famous comedian has passed away after being in the hospital for a whole week because of cardiac arrest during a medical procedure. She was 81 years old. 


    I wasn't a big fan of hers, but she was quite funny and got some laughs out of me. 


    Read more on the story here: CNN


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  2. Jared Jared

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    I too wasn't a big fan of hers, but she was hilarious at those roast shows of celebs. At least the one I did see her on. I never got into her fashion show or anything, and she kind of seemed like an overly rude person at times, but she was a comedian, so that's to be expected sometimes. Anyways, RIP. 

  3. Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

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    Heard about this yesterday, pretty sad. I liked her comedy and the way she acted. She lived a nice long life though, and I hope I can live as long as her and have the success she had. 



  4. Leslie Leslie

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    I didn't know she was a comedy legend, I feel bad. But seriously, when I saw her on those fashion shows and TV she was quite funny, just had no idea she was actually a comedian. I guess we learn new things every day.


    Anyways, rest in peace.