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LeapTrade Secret Santa 2017

  1. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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     christmas movies a christmas story GIF


    Happy holidays leaptrade community, 


                  Secret Santa 2017 annual event this year's theme will be video game related items from a list of:


    all video game related theme. pick 3to gift:

    something to read

    something to play

    something to soft

    something to look at

    something to use

    something to eat

    something to drink

    something to listen

    something to view

    something to clothes to wear


     and will pick three of those somethings and then wrap them up individually and then ship them in a box to the person you randomly get and will write the something on the wrapping so it'll be three little individual presents there's no price range just the spirit of giving. Everyone that wants to participate and the gift exchanging please leave your profile name below and December 3rd everyone will have their person.  it'll give you two weeks to ship out the 3 somethings that your gifts will be.


                 Each person that gets match up i will give the mailing address


    please all participants pm me your address header secret Santa 2017:

    full name

    full mailing addresses



                 I'll be hosting it this year since I haven't been able to find anyone that wants to do it so what I'll do is take all the names and write them down and pull them out of a bucket and I can do that on my YouTube 


                 I think I covered all the angles so let's make it happen your guys have a fun secret Santa and enjoy and give all the gifts and have a great time doing it and if you can't afford wrapping paper than parchment paper Saran Wrap anything even newspaper works you know maybe put some string on and title but that's okay just remember just have fun as if you can't afford any of that just put each package and a manila envelope and stuff the thing you know what I mean so just do whatever but let's let's make it a fun secret santa 2017 leaptrade

  2. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

    Total Posts: 919

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    Donald StaffordDonald Stafford

  3. 98skichick 98skichick

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    I really do not want to participate because of a lot of chaos that happens in our family around the holidays, but thanks for the offer.

  4. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    Add me to the list Donald, I will do the Secret Santa

  5. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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  6. njkking01 njkking01

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    lol only two users