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Leaptrade Update - August 10, 2017

  1. Brem Brem

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    Quote by Donald Stafford

    please tell me how the site makes money 


    I know that:

    * digital 


    *buying credits

    *site adds


    how else do you all make money?   because I spend so much money a year here about 5000 a year's trading.   have I kept the site from dying,  by adding hope?  how much money have I made you? I don't want any of it I'm just wondering because all this time i could have helped you all. i brot 7  traders here and there very active and Brem killed my welcome post many members there love this sight games trade so fast here we need a welcome introduction here for them they don't understand requesting queue the thing that makes this site great. I sell 30  games a week here and there zero. its crazy to me that this is the only site that trades with me


    I don't have an answer for how Leaptrade makes money. I'm sure the ads, credit purchases and so on but that's all I know. Shipping I believe had a fee, but USPS started to increase their price, so the fee started to go down. Leaptrade is completely going free, as in no fees at all. With shipping off site, users will still also have the option to purchase our shipping if they so desire. 


    You have helped a lot with your trading, made a lot of users happy. And we thank you for that. No one says you have to trade as much as you do though. 


    With the recent change of moving cash to reallycheapgames, I have seen an increase in credit trading already. Users who traded before cash, are now trading again. It may be a slow process at first, but games should start springing up more and more. Plus, with the ability to ship off site, that should help even more. Plus, I imagine we'll be doing a big marketing push for both sites any day now, 


    I deleted the gametz topic as it felt like more of an ad. You can make a topic, just don't link to the site. I think that would be fine. Basically just welcoming users from the site. Better yet, we can probably make a "Welcome" topic welcoming all new users. 




    Quote by Donald Stafford

    it's so odd to me that this will be the straw that broke the camels back. members are lazy and won't list on both sites it's like pulling teeth to get them to my Imgur.  I want to know where are all the video game hordes like me  where and why don't they know of this site and leaptrade why after all the money I spend on you don't you help me  and tell me how you make   so I may get the crazy hits you do 


    I'm not quite sure how you see that, as credit trading is slowly but surely increasing. It's going to take time, but with a marketing push, it should help increase activity and trading. Not all users are going to be using both sites though. Some users just want to use Leaptrade, trade their games and get some more in return, while those who want to make cash will use RCG. 


    Are you referring to getting cash sales? If so, just let me know what you need help with. It takes time to sell games though. You're not going to get sales just like that. You're free to post about what games you have in the forum, on social media, etc. But it also comes down to how much you price your games. If you're asking for too much, you likely wont get a sale. Posting what you have on social media might help as well. Just an idea. 





    Quote by Donald Stafford

    they need a video intro on every menu for what the feature is and how to use it that's why i added the f2f how to on my forums because all the new users think im coning them when i lot a trade


    I will forward your suggestion to the team. 


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  2. frosty713t frosty713t

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    I think a welcome topic would be great. We seem to have gotten a lot more credit listings already and hopefully we can atttract old and new users to the site! 

    - Frosty the Snowman
  3. chindian_chick chindian_chick

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    HA! I haven't logged into this site for a few months now, and just came on again to see this. Following the original cash update, I went back to selling and buying on eBay. Trading for credit was the reason I loved this site, so if you guys are back to that, I am back in as well! Thanks for the update!!!

  4. 98skichick 98skichick

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    Things have picked up quite a bit on here since the changeover went through a little while ago.  

  5. whysprs whysprs

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    You aint kiding, first time in months i have recieved games.. recieved 2 games with a week after the change over.