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Leaptrade Updates - *Leaptrade is now Mobile friendly*

  1. Brem Brem

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    Hey guys, I have some awesome news to share with you, but first I want to say that this very topic here will be for announcing new updates we make to Leaptrade. From small to big, we'll reveal it all in here.


    We got a great new update for all of you today and It's something a lot have asked for, for quite some time.


    Mobile Friendly: 


    We now have a mobile friendly version of Leaptrade. So now you can surf Leaptrade on your phone, tablet, etc. much easier. You can also do everything you already could on the main site. 


    Email Enhancements:


    That's not all though, as we also revamped the way our emails look for users. Users will not get cooler emails from us. Emails will be more interactive, have clickable buttons and actionable. The emails are also more informative and allows you to easily accept trades, leave feedback, accept friend requests, and so on. 


    Much more to come:


    And there's more to come, so look at this topic for when we announce anything new. 


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  2. Veltaine Veltaine

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    Woo Hoo! now to check this out, thanks for the info Brem!

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  3. whysprs whysprs

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    It's not completely mobile friend!y... Took me an hour on my Android tablet to set up a f2f trade cause of the slider bar doenst work so well.. Can we get a way to type in the info instead for credits instead of the slider bar??? Half the time my pc goes stupid and have to shut it off.. But guess that's what I get for using micro$oft