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Maisie Williams Still Wants to Play Ellie in Last of Us Film

  1. Brem Brem

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    The Last Of Us is being made into a movie, I'm sure most of you already knew this, but some of the casting has yet to be done. We heard way back at SDCC that Maisie Williams will be playing Ellie, but it wasn't locked in. Well, she wants to play the role and it's looking likely she'll get the role. She's about the same age and is a talented actor, especially in Game of Thrones. 


    With that being said, will you watch The Last Of Us? Do you expect it to be good? 


    Anyways, read more here: Den of Geek 


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  2. Kenny Kenny

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    I hope she gets the role. She is great in Game of Thrones, and she is a great actress, so I can see her doing the role justice. I hear she never played the game though, she should really change that soon, cause it's a masterpeice.