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My Trades Management

  1. Bigvolume316 Bigvolume316

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    I think a useful feature for managing the Requests section of a user's My Trades queue would be to add the filter feature you use for My Collection.  I have 669 games requested and it's a chore to go through all those pages to find a request that I want to delete.  If you had the filtering option where you could sort by system and # of results, I think it would make managing one's request list easier.  Unless someone out there knows a better way to find a game in their request list to delete it.


    Another suggestion would be to have an option in our account settings to change and save the # of results for searches to more than the default number of 12.  Whether I'm searching the games for sale section or managing my collection I always change the # of results to 40 so it's less pages to scroll through. 




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  2. Brem Brem

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will forward it to the team for you.  


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  3. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    all request on one page 


    to warp to the game click ctrl f to pop up a tool that is on every pc it will auto find the game