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New Leaptrade Update - August 2014

  1. Leaptrade Leaptrade

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    Hi all, you've probably already seen this in the email we sent out, but we wanted to include it here for any discussion too.  We came out with our new release today with lots of great changes.


    This release was all about the trading process. We've spent a lot of time behind the scenes to make it a more flexible and powerful way to trade.  We've done things to encourage more instant and friend-to-friend trades by allowing multiple kinds of trades to exist simultaneously for the same game you are selling or buying.  We've also done some work streamlining and making our server architecture more robust.  There are a number of smaller changes that happened along the way too, but the major changes you can see below.


    All New Trading Screens

    We totally overhauled the trading screens, took them out of the popups and made them more powerful, easier and quicker to use.


    You can now create credit trades and game for game trades for the same game all in one screen.


    Flexible Friend to Friend Trades

    You can create F2F trades at any time even if the games you are trading are already involved in credit trades or game for game trades.  No more deleting your other trades just to make an offer to your friend.  Now you can make offers and counteroffers any time you want.



    Enhanced Shipping (USPS) Integration

    Your trade's status will now change automatically based on USPS tracking.  So when the trade says "Shipped" it means the post office has picked up the package and it is in transit to you.  


    Here are the 3 new statuses you'll see on your "My Trades" screen:


    • Waiting to be Shipped -  this status means that the user purchased the shipping label, but USPS has not scanned the package yet to mark it as shipped.

    • Shipped - this status means that the game has been mailed and USPS has confirmed that the game is in-transit and on it's way.

    • Delivered - this status means that USPS has marked the package as delivered, and it should be waiting in your mailbox or at your door.  (USPS isn't perfect, so sometimes it gets delivered before they mark it as delivered, and sometimes they mark it as delivered in the morning before they actually deliver it during the day.)

  2. cdelamo cdelamo

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    Any idea on when Madden 15 will be added to the database. How long do new releases typically take to get added?



  3. Brem Brem

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    Hi cdelamo, please make sure to post database requests in the "missing from database" topic in the gaming forum. You'll have a lot easier time getting the game added that way. Also, if you feel it takes a while, contact support


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