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Nintendo ID/XBL/PSN friend codes/tags

  1. 10ktenk 10ktenk

    Total Posts: 13

    Joined: 17 Feb 2014

    Add me On PS3 DJSOS202 AND XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG secretsofsounds 

    Willing trade games for games or sell them for credit Add me if interesred
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  2. NeonOdyssey NeonOdyssey

    Total Posts: 1

    Joined: 8 Feb 2014

    Add me on PS4 please. Tongue Out My ID is NeonOdyssey. It would be cool to have some people to play Killzone and battlefield with. I will accept all requests and play with any person who wants to! 

  3. Veridis_Quo Veridis_Quo

    Total Posts: 41

    Joined: 15 Jan 2014

    Feel free to add me here on LP and on the Playstation


    PSN: Veridis_Quo


    *When sending the friend request be sure to mention where you're from so I can add you.


  4. brucewayne1008 brucewayne1008

    Total Posts: 11

    Joined: 8 Feb 2014

    My Psn Is BruceWayne1008. My Xbox Live Is The Same ( BruceWayne1008 ) . Add me. Got Xbox, 360 PS3 & PS4 Cool

    Will C.
  5. 98skichick 98skichick

    Total Posts: 1,408

    Joined: 4 Feb 2013

    XBOX LIVE: uberskichick

    PSN: skichick


    Feel free to add me to your lists.

  6. The Warning The Warning

    Total Posts: 76

    Joined: 25 Feb 2014

    Feel free to add me. I got my PS4 on Tuesday and I currently have Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battleifeld 4 (once it finishes downliading lol). I'm somewhat of a rager, so if you hear me raging, don't take me as some psycho. Just shoot me a message telling me where you're from.

  7. peady85 peady85

    Total Posts: 64

    Joined: 16 Jan 2014

    peady85 add me/ xbox one, xbox 360, ps3, & wiiu


    P. Eady
  8. Nightshade869 Nightshade869

    Total Posts: 13

    Joined: 10 Mar 2014

    PSN and Live: nightshade869 

  9. Nardo21 Nardo21

    Total Posts: 3

    Joined: 7 Apr 2014

    PSN: nardo_dmv21

  10. B1GPAP4 B1GPAP4

    Total Posts: 122

    Joined: 12 Jan 2014

    PS3 PS4 - xx_b1gpap4_xx