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  1. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    Stay up to date with the newest members.  welcome them to the community and add them as a friend!


    link to the newest members added daily; 

  2. 98skichick 98skichick

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    Only a small fraction of these people's profiles look legitimate.  Other ones don't have city/states filled out.  I think there are a lot of spam profiles.

  3. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    thats what i said to leap trade and they danesed around it   if you look only 25 a day are added so i added all of them  and there are pepol that com in and fully activat there acounts but   it realy looks like a bot is jenitating acounts so they can artifishaly keep the shair holded in vesting mony be for there for to sell the sight and sell all the accouths  and canabalived the sight with all of use being sold off


    i found this becase im a pro at minipulating the url the site sucks and leaptrade refuses to lisen to me i refuing to   cash games and credi games and program it right   its to make the sight full looking when its not   


    here are the vital urls book mark these i should not do this becse ill lose the buy it furs addvantige 

  4. Brem Brem

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    It's likely due to the giveaway we're running with TonyPizzaGuy on YouTube, as there is an option to sign up to Leaptrade. Some users sign up and don't update their profile right away, some sign up and never activate. It doesn't mean they're bots or anything like that. 


    If some of them happen to be spammers, or bots we always take care of them. The good thing is, is that if there is a bot, it wont be able to set up trades. It will mostly focus on the forums and spamming. Which we always take care of. 


    Also, why would we create users? Creating fake users wouldn't help us in any way. We need users that actually use the site and trade, fake users don't do that. So how would that even help us? 




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