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On our profiles we need a tab that shows a percentage of the games we have for each console

  1. Donald Stafford Donald Stafford

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    Hey community, 


    Lots of ideas and it's just too bad all these ideas get lost in the Aether they're really really needs to just be a PowerPoint pinpoint Precision things we want chart because I would really this game site isn't wasn't originally designed to be a collector site it was meant to dump your games your old games so you can flip for new games and keep your equal value pretty much you know so you don't have to you can cut out the middleman and just charge wholesale to do you know actually more if you have credits because this site traps you here you can't burn your credit anywhere else unless you have somebody like me with my services which nobody seems to be looking at my profile and I provided hyperlinks which really sucks i'm so long-term it to the site that I am a professional at the site now beyond professional I don't even know but I'm not a professional I guess in the way of talking to people because I'm honest and unfortunately this new world that we live in you can't be honest you have to lie and smile with a s*** grin and it makes it really hard to coexist with people it's it's almost like everyone's demon possessed it's very strange to me I think it's the agenda of the government to turn all men all masculinity into feminism words everyone's a goblin slouching morbidly obese feminine speaking Goblin so they can destroy the country and bring in a new culture it's almost like it's all by Design and I believe it's by Design the whole reason I called borsch and Clinics planned Parenthood they don't actually plan the Parenthood they take the they sell the organs and the and the body parts and they turn it into slurry they feed it to bacteria and that bacteria excretes flavors that they use in Pepsi and craft they feed us back our our dead babies and it's it's absolutely insane this is the real world you live in I work in a supermarket I've been in a supermarket and I get to see the recalls in the people that died in my town from the food it's poison this world is wicked here's my idea for this site the truth you need to implement these things to make this a better Community a better video game community we need a percentage counter for the games you own and it needs to be a list that needs to be in needs to show like Sega Master System your your 85% away and then it needs to say for Sega Master System it'll say they all the normal titles then you'll say the same thing titles then it'll say the reproduction titles then it'll say the millions millions seller hits titles you know because your top collector like mean you actually collect all the all the variations like I do and so I have like the whole series of you know Greatest Hits selection and I never really understood how they chewed which one's the million-sellers the and when they put it out I never learned all that cuz I don't work in a video game store I wish I could have like Toys R Us because they monitor everything I am around I remember everything I've ever seen but I live in this tiny little town we don't even get a newspaper no joke My Town sucks and and all I know is the supermarket and the recalls and the GMOs they put in the food genetically modified organisms are not genetically modified what it is is the poison a plant and they cross breed that poisonous plant that poison plant with other plants and then until they get the desired look taste and you know marketable marketability for that plant and then later the discovered kills people you know it's like back in the day we had to recall Taco Bell in 2001 I had to pull all the things off the shelf because it was killing videos making people sick it was a Taco Bell shells in the supermarket you know for making tacos it will mix with starfish no joke so the post of the till the corn so the Court gives as starfish corn no joke they they had to take the corn that they'd burn billion-dollar fields what is the meaning of starfish GMO f****** corn was killing people and you always have the milk being recalled you always have I work in a supermarket and I see the deaths I see the people that come in and want to kill the other employees you don't reciprocate seems like a safe job it's not one day somebody's going to walk in and just shoot everybody for selling bad products and we have no Seen It All We Do stock boys is the same as the cops you know is it everybody has their hand in it but they're not responsible you know it's like we don't know enough cuz everything's compartmentalize it's so dangerous as we live in that's so wicked and it sucks that even hear a game trade zone there's diversity we we can't even work together to make a better Community we don't help each other we don't do anything we just kind of stopped all chitter chat though and fortunately I wish I wish there was an open Forum there is one or it's called Vent in your thoughts but we're not allowed to really reply I would basically allowed to just have a 20-minute or long rant in attacks you know and then somebody will say what the f*** and that's all and it's it's it's just depressing that we can't really have a true dial I like my YouTube please I just want to say then Drop It Like It's Hot what it is you know then the problem is everybody's a snowflake now they've been brainwashed they're no longer people they're goblins that's that's that's my new outlook of the world there is a very few true humans that exist now it's it's just pure wickedness that with it of this world