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Outrageous ads on Craigslist

  1. Brem Brem

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    I saw this on some other sites and wanted to add it here. What this topic is for, is to post ads you find on craigslist for nearly anything that is for outrageous sums of money or just really horribly priced. 


    DO NOT POST ads for the adult portion of craigslist. 


    Anyways I did a search on CL just now and found these posts:


    Found this: VHS Entertainment Hours of cheap entertainment all for $50. I'm sure there are people who would pay that, because people do like to collect VHS tapes, but for $50, no way. 


    That's the only interesting thing I could find, but I'm sure bigger cities will give us some more fun ads. 


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  2. Leslie Leslie

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    I got nothing, but this is a pretty fun idea. And I agree, no way would I pay $50 for it. I'm sure they'd come down a lot in price for it.