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PayPal Verify Issue Fixed - Please Read if you had this issue

  1. Brem Brem

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    We wanted to update you all on our recent issue where users weren't having an easy time verifying their PayPal. We had a workaround where some users were able to verify, this involved using Firefox, Edge or Opera browsers. 


    You should now be able to verify on any browser. Users should be able to verify their PayPal with ease. If you still happen to have any problems with it, please let us know. But, for those who were waiting on the fix, please try verifying now and let us know how it goes. 


    If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. 


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  2. Waxwork Waxwork

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    Thanks, I haven't verified yet but might in the future. Right now I'm trading with credits. I wanted to commend Leaptrade for raising the maximum amount that a credit listing can sell for (vs a cash listing). As we discussed in a previous thread a couple weeks ago, I think this will likely increase credit listings once people are aware of it.