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Playstation 4 - Trading Discussion

  1. kube00 kube00

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    Joined: 1 Feb 2014

    Ive got Mass Effect Andromeda, Resident Evil Revelations 2...whos got Retro games to trade for a F2F? I would love some N64, Dreamcast or SNES games


    Feel free to check out my collection and hit me up. 


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  2. Panawholee1 Panawholee1

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    Joined: 4 Nov 2018

    hey im new here. I want to Sell red dead 2 for PS4. but I notice there is no availability for PS games For sale. I don’t want to get Credit and have nothing to buy. How active is this website?

  3. 98skichick 98skichick

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    You could do a Friend to Friend trade. For example, you could trade your game for several games that someone else had.

  4. ArcaneFeenix ArcaneFeenix

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    Quote by ArcaneFeenix

    Looking for The Witcher 3, preferably in excellent condition.


    Still looking for this if anyone has it to offer. Looking to pay with credits. 

  5. PrinceBuckets7 PrinceBuckets7

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    Joined: 25 Jun 2015

    red dead redemption2


  6. Laharl Laharl

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    Joined: 25 Apr 2015

    looking for Jak and Daxter collection for ps4 as well as spiderman for ps4 I have plenty of credits.

  7. John789 John789

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    Joined: 6 Mar 2014

    Hey everyone! I have two sealed copies of Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition for ps4 if anyone wanted to trade. I'd prefer a F2F for games, but am ok with credits too. Feel free to send me a message if anyone is interested! Thanks!

  8. m0swagg m0swagg

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    Joined: 3 Nov 2018

    anybody willing to sell or trade me the following games:

    Assassins Creed syndicate-ps4

    God of War-ps4

    far cry 3-ps3


  9. vfwmonster vfwmonster

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    Quote by m0swagg

    anybody willing to sell or trade me the following games:

    Assassins Creed syndicate-ps4

    God of War-ps4

    far cry 3-ps3




    I have AC Syndicate for PS4, what you got for trade? Mine is the Limited Edition with the codes for the Darwin & Dickens Conspiracy Mission and Dreadful Crimes Bonus Missions




  10. Ready2trade Ready2trade

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    Joined: 26 Oct 2014

    I got 70 credits looking for. DB fighters or maybe some other games


    BTW is donald stafford banned or?