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  1. Brem Brem

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    The classic Poltergeist is getting a remake, and it actually looks kind of decent. I don't remember much about the original, but I remember it being a horror classic. With that being said, do you think this will be good? It does star Sam Rockwell who is one of my favorite under-rated actors. 


    See the trailer here: 


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  2. Lissa Lissa

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    I saw the original and I'm stoked. When I saw the preview for the remake I thought it looked very interesting. Too bad the original girl passed away because it would have been cool to have her do a cameo in the remake. 




  3. TheBlueMeanie TheBlueMeanie

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    I'm fairly ceratin they'll ruin it like they do most remakes.


    The original was awesome for its time. I had nightmares about that swimming pool scene.


    The original movie was said to be cursed as several actors of those movies died or were murdered.