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Pricing changes

  1. wildo88 wildo88

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    I guess someone could do that, it just makes them a crappy trader


    I would guess that for like 95%+ of games they either stay constant or go down, and rarely raise in price.  The only things that are going to go up in price are probably old / rare stuff. 

  2. Leaptrade Leaptrade

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    That's true, most games will go down or stay the same price over time, unusual for games to increase in price.  The rare games tend to flucuate since there are so few sales.


    A seller couldn't camp the offer, once the game leave "In Queue" status and hits "Waiting for Confirmation" status, the price is locked in.  Only way to change the price would be to cancel the trade.  If the seller cancels their offer and re-lists the game trying to get a different price, they will lose their spot in the queue.  Like others have said, since games usualy go down in price if a seller gets matched, they will try to confirm it as soon as possible so they can send it out and get the credit before the game goes down further in price.


    Angel, in your case, you'll get $22.50 for the game, since you were matched up before the price change.  That is an unusual case, and it should be rare for the price to increase after you were matched up.

  3. 98skichick 98skichick

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    I don't know what happened to the "games that need the price changed" thread (I searched quite a while trying to find it), but there is a WiiU game (Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival) game on here listed for $55 credits which DOES NOT include the figures.  If it doesn't have figures, pricecharting values the game only at $5.50.  Even new on Amazon it is only $15.76 - I realize that it would require priority mail to ship this out, so I can see why the credits would be higher on here if it included the figures.  Can someone look into this?

  4. Brem Brem

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    You can view that topic here: 


    I sorted the prices out for you.  




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