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Shipping question

  1. misterpk92 misterpk92

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    Joined: 18 Apr 2017

    I'm new here, is there any way i can send all of the games i want to trade for credit in the same package to reduce shipping costs?

  2. 98skichick 98skichick

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    Joined: 4 Feb 2013

    You can do a friend to friend trade but I think you have to do at least one queue trade to have the ability to do friend to friend.

  3. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    looking to get a say form all you members and premishion from leaptrade team.   i want to start offering 3 day shipping i will have to charge 5 extra credits in a neo geo place holder f2f.  my cost will be 8 used to mail in a flat rate envilop mailer that can take up to 70 lbs so the pacage will be stuft with goodies to the buys.


    member please chime in your thouts


    im only asking for 5 do to we all must pay are own first class mail  but this is more so im only asking 1 to 1. dallor to credit even.



    please let me now this will help use all out during this winter the sone holds every one up do to ground mail but flat right 2 day is air mail  i live in a far of route for mailing so you game will take 3 days on a two day flat rate mailer  you you live in the swamps or far off the root like me it will take 4 days do to extra stops

  4. 98skichick 98skichick

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    I don't think it's financially worth it for you fo do 3 days shipping.  USPS has been much faster lately in my rural area.

  5. Brem Brem

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    Yeah, I agree with 98skichick. As well, we don't have a system in place to work something like this out, and I rather not deal with the hassle that likely will come with it. So I'm going to have to say no on this. Maybe in the future we can work with something like this, but without a system in place, it just won't work. 


    As well, we already supply priority mail postage. Usually once sent out, the delivery tends to take around 3-5 business days, which is fairly fast. Now if you use your own shipping, it's on you to decide what kind of shipping you want to use, but priority mail would probably suffice. I think most users are patient enough though, as we haven't had too many people unhappy about shipment times. When it does happen though, it's usually the user not shipping in a timely manner or not at all. Usually shipment speeds are fast. But, there are times where some shipments take longer due to delays and other issues. That is to be expected though. 



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