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Spread The Word Giveaway #1 (ENDED)

  1. Brem Brem

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    Hey guys, I have some more great news to share. We're doing yet another giveaway, but this one isn't a month long one like usual, instead it'll last this whole weekend, starting from now, until Sunday night.


    The Prizes

    • Madden NFL 16 (PS4)
    • Madden NFL 16 (Xbox One)

    That's not all, as the first person to get picked, gets dibs on what copy of the game he/she wants (PS4 or Xbox One). Plus a code for 10 Pro Packs and the Playmaker Pack for Madden Ultimate Team. The second person we pick, will get the last copy.


    All you need to do, is post a link of where you shared your post about Leaptrade. Can be a photo of you putting up a sign, a link to a tweet or a facebook post etc. Any site that you post on about Leaptrade will count you in this contest.


    Just post your link in here and we'll randomly choose a winner Sunday night.


    Now get to posting.



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  2. ArthurSataine ArthurSataine

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    You know, I always promote this site. Funnily enough, I did so just a few days ago without even knowing about these kind of contests.


    I'm down there at the bottom in the disqus comments. Helping a guy find a way to get his outdated PSP collection out of his room and becoming more useful for him. Somehow, despite a few mishaps, you guys have made me fall in love with Leaptrade. I check at least once a week, but most times it is daily. This isn't the first time the people of PSLS has heard of you from my end either. I'm happy to spread the word, whether I win this competition or not. But hey, worth a shot for doing something I already do anyway.


  3. N4RED718 N4RED718

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    Here's my link letting my peeps know about Leaptrade.


  4. frosty713t frosty713t

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    I don´t exactly use Google + a whole lot...or if ever but I think I´m going to go on my Facebook and Twitter and share about LeapTrade too. I´m new to the site but I´m really liking it so far and I love trading with other gamers themselves and selling these old games for actual profit


    - Frosty the Snowman
  5. Noeatcatfish Noeatcatfish

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    Here is my tweet about leaptrade:

  6. Bigbri9 Bigbri9

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    Here is my post:




  7. kube00 kube00

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    I actually wrote an opinion article and mentioned you guys as a great trading site. I recommend you over the others.


    Link to the post here


    And a recent tweet about you guys



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  8. dw111999 dw111999

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    hope i win!! 

  9. dw111999 dw111999

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    a tweet about how cool leaptrade is and hopw cheap it is




    side note- i made a twitter account just now because i have never had one befor

  10. dw111999 dw111999

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    and heres another, scroll down intill you see the comments


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