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Suggest some older movies to check out

  1. Brem Brem

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    I've been trying to watch more classics and older films altogether and I was wondering if you guys have some good suggestions? I'm a big fan of Citizen Kane, Seven Samurai, The Maltese Falcon and a few more. But I want to know some other classics worth checking out. Any suggestions? 


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  2. 98skichick 98skichick

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    I have yet to watch those three that you mentioned (would love to get them from, but alas, I am like at the end of each queue).  Anyway, "12 Angry Men" is very good.  "Sunset Blvd" was okay-I guess kind of a landmark film at the time. "North By Northwest" was really good as well as "Double Indemnity."  I just picked up the original "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Strangers on a Train", but I haven't watched either one yet.  I downloaded the IMD's "top 250 movies ever made" list, and I'm trying to watch each one.  I think i am about halfway there!

  3. Leslie Leslie

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    The original Godzilla and King Kong films are still classics to this day. Other than that, I am a huge fan of Casablanca and Gone With The Wind. 


    This link may help too: