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Three Avatar sequels delayed

  1. Brem Brem

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    I must admit, I liked Avatar when I first saw it, but after some time, and re-watching it another time, I saw how bland and boring the film was. Of course, this is not about bashing the film, it's about an article that went up about how James Cameron and crew decided to delay the sequels for now, seeing as it was a bit too ambitious for him to handle. 


    I don't see a point in bringing out anymore Avatar films. The fact they want to make three more movies is something I do not like. Then again, when James Cameron makes a movie, people seem to flock to it, this time around I will not. 


    Read about this here: Daily Telegraph


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  2. Captain B Captain B

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    Good. I liked Avatar somewhat, but the popularity it got was unwarranted and it doesn't deserve all the praise it got. It's nothing special. And to see him making three more movies really doesn't seem right to me. That's just too much.