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USPS Warrendale, PA Sorting Facility Delays

  1. Bigvolume316 Bigvolume316

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    Brem/Leaptrade - Just wanted to share some information regarding the USPS sorting facility in Warrendale, PA that is causing delays in packages coming through that site. There was a mercury spill over a week ago that has closed the facility and there's no update from the postal service when sorting will resume. I know most if not all packages going to/coming from NE Ohio go through Warrendale, so this will have an impact on some trades from other areas of the country where those packages go through Warrendale. 







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  2. 98skichick 98skichick

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    Oh my land!  That is crazy.  Hopefully they have it cleaned up and can resume soon!

  3. Brem Brem

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    Yikes, thanks for letting us know. I imagine if it takes too long to sort, USPS will probably find another route to take.  


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  4. nooitzben nooitzben

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    Mercury spill? How did that happen? Hopefully the mess gets cleaned. This is the first I've heard happen at a sorting facility.