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  1. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    i pm'ed you how to get first dibs better then anyone how to see the menus that theres no links to because the update messed this sight up.  i reqest over 2000 fisical and digital just start sistimaticly reqesting.  and i saidwhen you firs offered the credits ill take them but you never replyed. i still want them.  have brem transfer them to my account it can be done i was goingto give boogie9888 a youtuber 500 credit if he would preot the sight but hes said he was bissy so i said i would buy him a nintendo switch and he never replyed .


    all the noobs here now dont even know theres a credits end to this sight. theyball think im scaming them when i say credits. leaptrade needs to make credits the first listing optoin not cash. to a noob credits invoke thinking its a credit card that what all noobs say they tell me 'how do i get pay buy a credit card?'


    basicly check in twist a day during peak hours 10am 6pm every day and request the game in disc and digital same copy.


    also look at my account i offer many servise


    i have on acctive mystery box, 5 acctive pro orders, 1 acctive phicical order, and to see all the games im selling for credits here just chick the link down below!


  2. kidhero1000 kidhero1000

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    That hard8 promotion

  3. slidecage slidecage

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    wow this site is still around  

  4. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    the sight is soly suported on noobs that dont know any better and those that sell eqal or under market valu in cash but i sell in credis i saw a way to save the sight for a nother year buy hourding all the hoareded credits and spending them very genrisy paying 20 cerdits more in f2f thats way there is active feeds dalys and i iget 7 f2f reqests a day and 3 speshalty orders a day mathmaticly the credit system is a numbers game on presentiges  im helping leaptrade from geting in its own way 

  5. Chuuzuu Chuuzuu

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    Since we're venting here...Why would someone take the time to add their games to the site, take the time to list them (for cash or credit), and then never respond to requests for trades? And these aren't just new people that I'm talking about. I've tried to initiate several purchases/trades lately with users that have several trades under their belts, trades time out or they won't respond to any messages. What's the point of listing your games to a games trading site with no intention of ever trading them out?

  6. willster98 willster98

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    I think some of them have abandoned the site. Example, OMGSnacks I have traded with several times, and as far as I can tell he has stopped returning any messages and even a trade I had posted.

    Example, I listed GTA V for the PS4 as a Basic Trade for market value. It took me over a dozen traders (maybe more, I lost count) before I matched with a buyer that actually accepted. Many of those traders I had seen active but must not be any longer since the trade timed out each time.


    Keep your chin up!


    Eric in Nebraska

  7. jrockfreak jrockfreak

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    Why is it so hard to find games for credit now? I have had credits for months and i cant use them because everyone is selling for cash. I understand you want to make money but some of use still want to use credits

  8. Yurikun Yurikun

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    I'm sitting on credits as well, I sold a few games to get credits because I was excited to try this site but that was almost a year now. there is litterally nothing being posted for Credit.

  9. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    Use this its a life saver:



               so I've been thinking it's pretty much time that I might you know need to restrict a little bit of my specialty orders so I can keep the side of float and credits by adding and listing at least ten titles a week and the regular credits listing basic trade section because all the news they just jump ship after two weeks because I said there's nothing here and they don't know to research the entire site to see what I'm actually offering is a way better deal they can have any game in the world I'll just go out and buy and ship it to them


               so all my buyers I've got at least 19 people right now that are just waiting for their pre orders orders and mystery box I will try to after they're done maybe restarting restrictions you know one one like I'm going to first it was one pre-order for every pay. You know but now I just seen or let it go crazy I just say hey guys if you're getting that big item get the get the you-know-what leaptrade turn it back off the restrictions on me because you know there's just no one else selling so maybe they're just they're happy with me keeping the credits flowing but it just I need the what is it I don't know


                   alright this is all up to you guys you guys got to make the vote okay because I'm bringing the credits that me all the cash credits games to you guys now especially orders are super important I would like #### my pants if there was somebody like me off or in the stuff that you guys want to get your own way so I'm here to help you help me and let me know if you want me to start flooding the site with you know 10 brand new titles all week you know new releases or would you like me to flood the side with the least 40 disc only you know older titles and that we will be plenty of selection for everyone you know at least a sports game one year behind but the promise Sports is the unlisted


                 look up a solution guy I just I just see the problem when I try to bring it to you and help you all know the biggest thing as there's no games on this site the problem is that's a new problem because they don't know any better to get in their own way they can see if they don't even know that they're even in their own way because they don't know they don't know to look in the forms they don't know to see that I'm offering plus they don't really want to think I like all this guy's going to overcharge I'm going to get screwed and he does they don't even know about the percentages and all that they they don't realize they're not getting screwed but you know the reason I charge so much even when I try to buy a game I had literally have to pay 40 credits more than what they're charging or no one will sell to me I had two thousand credits I blew it all in a week okay and then it wasn't even that many games 


               here's the thing with this site sellers can't help but getting their own way if they say they want games but they refused to list and credits and did they don't understand if you only list the major fast selling titles in cash and let sell them at market value match Amazon match eBay


               alright to the biggest part of people getting in their own way you have to think about others and what they are doing and how they can give back to you you have to think about how you can help them help you and because of that by providing your titles will allow others to will it'll just create a big Market of credit credit or just currency that's made up a fake it it just allows you don't you know put a number on your things so you can get an even trade


              any of you out there know you can help me help you by Saving Yourself by doing giving me a voice recorder deal that I can just post an HTML because I'll find one six months from now but I mean it just took me 3 months to learn how to program a countdown clock in HTML and let me tell you that is freaking hard I've killed a lot of HTML Pages because of that


             Hulu the big kid big reason I'm here today to tell you all the stuff getting in your own way this is as I guess or rent portion so rented and it and I'm just saying help you help me or help me help you that type of deal you know list only the big-budget titles that are dopest and post those in the cash the rest of them you know freaking and if you need money to ship list those Nintendo titles that are by Nintendo by The Comfy the god of war that you know the one by the company that's worth more money in cash so you have cash so you can buy credits you know it and that they don't buy credit


              cuz I need you all the start listing and credits credits is what keeps the sight of float cash yes they do actually get money to help themselves to find themselves but it's that's so little you know it's and it's enough to I don't even know what the hell they do it for maybe if there's a certain licensing fee you know that keeps the cash and I'll keep them upload a little bit but I don't I don't know if you know why they started the site I think they make all their money from the ads and that's that's pretty much it is but if if they need you they need to start charging a fee with you know maybe taking out a couple credits and credit to you know but you guys should list and credits I did this whole like other message but it failed in some kind of computer problem with my Windows XP

  10. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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                so I was just scrolling through my my trades menu and I saw that the same person sent me another request even though the person skilled and knows how the site Works they message me even though my profile says never buy from my collection by from My Links listed taps




    this just read gave me an old idea I had that leaptrade told me not to do because sellers or inpatient but if you guys all know it's happening then that's totally cool I think I'm going to just put disc only for every next-gen title there is Wii U everythingt  he ones are going to sell the car the next Jen's all the ones that aren't current market value being sold right now although we use the 3DS davita's everything all next gen I'm going to list it all and credit and I'm going to try every single time to get the best condition even if it is case even though you bought disc only I'm going to try to get the best the reason I have to say disc only it is because I don't know how the conditions going to be because everyone lies on the internet when I buy games every single time they're all they're all scum bags even Amazon lies Amazon's of anyways


                  tie-dyed I don't really know what to do you know I'm not a pro I just I just sit there and make decisions you today or I'm going to buy I'm going to do this woman again and then I just want to know if you know what I stick I hate Mine video games that I'm on 34 years old is this is terrible I mean is all I do but I do this because I don't like it I don't know why if I've been 40 year old virgin you know it's 34 but anyways it is all pointless is it so I did my day is only reason I'm freaking asleep asleep waiting to die America anyways I need to get the game so you guys need to help me help you just read my #### and use the Auto Reader it'll save a life diabetes so I need you all to you know do it do it too it's ready spaghetti