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When Listing To Sales Floor There Needs To Be A Listed Date Automatically Added To The Listing

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     When Listing To Sales Floor There Needs To Be A Listed Date Automatically Added To The Listing 

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    So I recently just did a trade with someone that says he's quitting League trade because of me so that'll be one hundred and eight members possibly oh boy I'm sorry gang.   I had a trade with him I bought him $40 from Amazon and show them the copy the picture I copied it using an app and he sent me $3 stuffed up games because I overprice everything chart value scuffed-up game you know if it's completely broke you know what just be cool $0.25 for i'm broke game you know it's that simple I'm not a %#@! but so he decided he's going to give me 37 credits and quit League trade because of me so that sucks I'm sorry guys one less member well after that I hadPayPal so he set me 37 in paper I was like oh my god wow he actually sent me PayPal money nobody's ever done that so for Dashie best PayPal so I went to really cheap games to see if I could buy anything will guess what one I've got to have burn kill my second account that I had permission 3 times to make it's called donlad cash only trades well I lost the password for that f***** because brem speeded me up into it. I wanted the account now instead of having to wait 2-3 days. for the the auto at it so he just simply hooked me up and I would just turned it on somehow we'll doing that I never learned my password I never learned my fucken email that I use that really blows so I'm going to have him set that account to sleep so if we remove 200 games from that site cuz I was like a monster listing to see if I can make any PayPal money but I was profiting you know I was going to do $5 thanks but the problem is nobody bought at God damn game so I need him to set the account to sleep but really cheap games I'm going to blow it the f****** so you guys will you list your game for a buck or possibly list lots of games you know a lot and if you can I would like to buy several games but I don't want to pay $4 $1 so I'm going to buy say $5 you're five games for five bucks and then the shipping will just have to come along with that you know what I mean it's just so it's fair so that I got to get the True Values possibly I'll buy 10 games you know and then this according to shipping that way makes the games worth a buck apiece you know what I mean it has to even out somewhere but that aside for me buying on really cheap games this is the most important 


    When your listing their needs to be this mandatory Q like that's in the system that automatically shows the date the product was listed and then it needs to show if you can the activity of when the person logs in or is logged in at the moment there needs to be on Lee trade which is so important who's active at the moment now there is a way to see that for the feeds but this at on an upcoming leave or not mentally capable of running a site you know it's the reason litra does so well as cuz everyone's a daily visitor and so we can keep track with her own memories but if you were to make the site intuitive for all you had to do was look at the special little specters that that let you know what's happening you would easily be able to stay updated ever being on the site you know who needs to be who's on the right now when was this game listed that's all you have to do why is it so hard that normal people can't comprehend I swear it's like I'm a specialist because I'm here every day and it in in normal people can't come up with a three-time saying Norm normal. Whether it was the way I'm treated on a daily basis the way people freak out on me how hard it is for a normal person to be able to order something they have to drag it out for 5 days straight 17 messages a day and then they lose their s*** jump ship and get the f*** out I can't comprehend it is so strange to me I am glad in a way that I'm being too subhuman I will never have a life have a wife have a family have anything of my own I will always be bordering homeless and treated as a creature somebody should be taken out murdered slaughtered and eaten for the f****** dinner so it's the way the world is wicked to the Core


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