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Why do celebs get so famous?

  1. Brem Brem

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    A friend was over at my home last night and we got to talking. We talked about celebrities and how they make millions of money and all they do is really nothing that impressive. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the idea of watching movies and TV, listening to music and so on, but I don't believe they should be paid the amount they get paid per year. I can understand why, but there is another side to this. I am mainly fed up with starlets and people who are famous for being rich. That's it. 


    Kim Kardasion is one example. She's rich and famous for being rich. And with the photo that was supposed to break the internet, she was supposedly paid over $40 million for it. Why? Why does someone like that deserve that much money? She hasn't done anything important. I can understand doing nude photos should get a nice pay check, but nothing near $1 mill. I just think that money can be used to help people in need, maybe put money into roads and schools etc. 


    What do you think? 


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  2. Captain B Captain B

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    I honestly don't know to be honest. I understand why some of them are famous, but I agree with you about how them being so rich isn't right at all. I personally hate seeing someone like Kim Kardasion make millions on a dumb picture. When they could literally use that money to help people. 


    It's a messed up world how we focus on the celebs and basically pay them. I know they're pleasing us with their acting and all that, but still, it isn't deserving of millions upon millions of dollars.