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Xbox Live giving out good enough free games?

  1. Brem Brem

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    XBL gives out two free games on the Xbox 360 to people who have XBL Gold. And next month it's to be an Motocross game, and then The Witcher 2, which is cool. 


    But do you feel this is good enough to pay for a whole year? I welcome free games, but with PSN giving out games that are far newer and at times more appealing, it seems like XBL is giving us nothing much. 


    Now, I know that's dumb to say, because they're giving away free games, which I love. And I'm cool with that. I just wonder if you guys feel that they're not giving out the best quality games? 


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  2. TheLazyWolf TheLazyWolf

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    It dosent really matter your still saving money thats my opinion 

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  3. Brem Brem

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    True, I completely agree with that. I just got XBL again and got SSX. Which is pretty cool. Anyways, I am fine with what they're giving away because many of the games they have given out I have not yet even played, so it works out for me. Many of the ones that they gave away I have yet to actually finish though. Or start. 


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  4. Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

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    I think they give out free stuff just to keep people interested. Yes they're not very new games, but I doubt XBL will be giving out a ton of newer titles for free. Plus you have to account for the fact that many of the free games are owned by other companies and Microsoft probably has to pay them money to do that. 

  5. TeknoBlast TeknoBlast

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    I think people need to get over it when it comes to free games or content. People have been so spoiled these days that a lot of people expect that anythign they get for FREE should be something top-of-the-line, something triple-A.


    people should be greatful that they're getting anything at all. I remember the days when I didnt get anything. You paid for your game and that's it. You paid for online services and that's it. Now as a bonus, these online services give you a set number of games every month and people want to b1itch about value of these games.



  6. Mobius Evalon Mobius Evalon

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    I'm not so sure that "getting the game you paid for and that's it" is necessarily a problem and not a feature.  The deluge of DLC and season passes fragments online communities based on how much money they spent on their game, which I do not think is a very good selling point.


    Regardless of whether or not the games appealed to me, I've been binding them to my gamertag anyways by "puchasing" them when they're free, then immediately canceling the download.  That means I can download the title at any time in the future for free because I bought it during the promotion, even all the Xbox One games that have been available despite not owning the console.  Sure, very few of the games were ones I have actually played/enjoyed thus far but you're referring to a community of millions of people with no common tastes.  Personally, I hate sports games and have had no interest in the motocross/ATV games that have been popping up, but I'm sure someone is losing their @&*% over a free MX vs ATV game right now.


    As far as PSN versus XBox, I heard that the PSN free games were basically rentals that you could only play during the promotion period, while XBox is giving you the full game to keep forever.  In terms of value I think they're basically equivalent if that's the case, but I do agree that Microsoft is kind of scraping near the bottom of the barrel most of the time.

  7. 98skichick 98skichick

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    I am still playing that "Charlie Murder" game that was free on Xbox live a while back.  It's like a brawler RPG.  I'd rather have something than nothing. Yes I have deleted many of the offerings, but they have really offered ones from many different genres (casual, shooter, strategy, RPG, car/turn based, etc.)

  8. Dean Winchester Dean Winchester

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    Theyre basically giving us games that no one bought or wanted. There are a few exceptions such as Dark Souls and Assassins Creed but thats pretty much it. And those were on xbox 360 it gets worse on xbox one. All you get on xbox one is indie games that no one knows about or atleast i couldnt really care less about. Like Dreams never die? I mean wtf it looks way to stupid and japenes for me. Worms was fun, for 5 minutes but it got borig fast. Xbox 360 has it good its just xbox one that needs improvement. they should give out ryse son of rome of a forza game something of that sort thats not too new.

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