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Xbox One - Trading Discussion

  1. che_brotzman che_brotzman

    Total Posts: 17

    Joined: 24 Jun 2015

    I have $17.50 left in credit. any games you guys want to get rid of for 17.50? any offers ill consider.

  2. bbirch27 bbirch27

    Total Posts: 89

    Joined: 4 Mar 2015

    Anyone looking for a copy of cod advanced warfare for Xbox one? I would be willing to trade for credits, Xbox box 360, PS2, Gc or N64 games.

  3. onebadbum onebadbum

    Total Posts: 1

    Joined: 18 Jul 2015

    Looking for Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Battlefield 4 & Battlefield Hardline. All for Xbox One, just purchased a Xbox One. Message me if you're willing to trade or sell.

  4. Thebluesheild Thebluesheild

    Total Posts: 28

    Joined: 26 Jun 2015

    Will trade battlefield for Xbox one for the zombie army trilogy for PS4

  5. Vintageslim416 Vintageslim416

    Total Posts: 3

    Joined: 15 Sep 2015

    I've got destiny what games are you trading ??

  6. Vintageslim416 Vintageslim416

    Total Posts: 3

    Joined: 15 Sep 2015

    I've got destiny and nba 2k25 I'm trying to get madden 16 or nhl 16

  7. ezramm ezramm

    Total Posts: 24

    Joined: 28 Aug 2015

    Which Destiny? Original or Taken King?

  8. atopcomputers atopcomputers

    Total Posts: 3

    Joined: 7 May 2015

    i got WWE 2k15 and Diablo ultimate edition on XB1.  Looking for Dragon Ball Z , Devil May Cry or $50 credit each.

  9. cosx23 cosx23

    Total Posts: 108

    Joined: 18 Nov 2014

    Have mad max and msg 5 for Xbox one. Looking to trade for forza 6 and Fifa 16 Ps4 or xb1.  Also looking for gta 5 xbox one or ps4.

  10. Cryptic Sh4dows Cryptic Sh4dows

    Total Posts: 7

    Joined: 13 Sep 2015

    Looking for Far Cry 4, Mgs5 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I'm willing to trade with games in my collection or credit.