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Xbox & Xbox 360 - Trading Discussion

  1. Brem Brem

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    Quote by mmcghee00

    looking for dishonored. will trade Halo 4 or any other game . message me cuz i dont have all my games in my collection

    Quote by Chuuzuu

    Wait til the 15th. It goes free with Xbox Games with Gold


    This. I would wait until the 15th as it'll be free. Unless you want the physical version I would totally understand. 


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  2. gameplay bord... gameplay borderzone

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    I have modern warfare 2 comes with disc an case has scratches on it but still works

  3. gameplay bord... gameplay borderzone

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    I have modern warfare 2 comes with case an has scratches but still works

  4. taytheballa taytheballa

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    Looking for just cause 2 Xbox 360 and saints row 4 xbox360. Both are 17.50 each on Leaptrade but I will up it too 20.00  each with friend to friend.

  5. TheLazyWolf TheLazyWolf

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    Old Games Up For Trade: Medal Of Honor ( Disc Only ), Nba 2k10 ( Disc Only ), Halo3 ( Disc Only ), Prince Of Persia ( Disc Only ), Ncaa Football 11 ( Full Package ), Nba 2k12 ( Full Package ), PopCap Arcade Volume1 <----- They dont have this game in thier data base but i say it will go for $5 or $7.50 It comses with Bejewld 2, Astro Pop, Feeding Frenzy, Zuma in 1 Disc ( Full Package )

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  6. SvgBruhh SvgBruhh

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    Any One have The first saints row full package and not platinum hits.

  7. theFierceStorm theFierceStorm

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    I have The Lego Movie (X360) and I am looking for Lego Marvel Avengers (XONE) or Lego The Hobbit (XONE)

  8. STKw Deity STKw Deity

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    i was wondering what was the lowest someone would to take for Call of Duty : Ghosts for the 360? Message me please

  9. Goredsox15 Goredsox15

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    Im looking for COD 4 modern warfare on xbox 360


  10. Kreativity Kreativity

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    I'm looking for black ops 2 if anyone wants to TRADE only look at my collections

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