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yard sale find

  1. dw111999 dw111999

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    Joined: 11 Jun 2014

    hey guys, just got home from an (what i think) awesome haul... im just wondering what a far price to sell all of these games and consols is, im thinking of just taking it all to a local retro store


    10-Yard flight-nes

    Ninja gaden-nes

    back to the future II-III - nes

    The simpsons Bartman meets radioactive man- nes



    2x Gamecubes with cords,controllers,Works


    n64 with rumble pack two controllers with accesories, 


    ps vita slim with mlb 14, hotshots golf invintaional


    boarderlands hansmoe collection-ps4

    dragon age inquinition-ps4

    diablo 3 reaper of souls- ps4



    i paid 75$ for all 



  2. 98skichick 98skichick

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    You did very well!  You could always trade the games here and sell the consoles and accessories on Craigslist or to a store.  Contra has really risen is value- I'm thankful that I have a copy.  Or you could keep the consoles to test out games in the future.  There is definitely an ever-growing demand for NES games.

  3. DarthBlasphemer DarthBlasphemer

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    Ebay! Thats what I would do. List what you can on here, everything else, auction.

  4. dw111999 dw111999

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    Joined: 11 Jun 2014

    you think i should hold onto contra intill the price goes up even more?