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Your gaming finds

  1. lpeters82 lpeters82

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    Joined: 30 May 2016

     Went to a neighboring town after work today to sell some PS2 games.  I sold seven games for $25 on Craigslist.  I was also there to pickup a backwards compatible PS3, also from Craigslist.  I paid $50 which included cords and a controller.  After that I went to a pawn shop and picked up quite a few games including: Rocksmith with Cable (PS3), God of War: Assentation (PS3), God of War: Origins Collection (PS3), Mortal Kombat (PS3), Injustice Gods Among Us (Xbox 360), Dark Souls II (Xbox 360), Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (Xbox 360), Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Day One Edition (Xbox 360), Minecraft (Xbox 360), Kingdom of Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP), Final Fantasy IV (PSP), Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (PSP), plus a Frozen BluRay/DVD combo.  Payed around $36, which seemed like a great price.

  2. sbktdreed sbktdreed

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    The other day in a Salvation Army store, I found and bought a GBA case with 2 DS game inside; Dragon Quest Monsters Joker and Guitar Rock Tour.

  3. kube00 kube00

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    Picked up some Wii games and some Dreamcast games that were on sale at Gamestop recently

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  4. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    overcooked xbox one lets play. this game look so fun im hooked are you all to?


    Let's Play - Overcooked 



    Order it here: 


  5. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    the 360 game wasvonly 5 hours long but it was so fast pace it was crazzy fun. im buying this you all should to. i came out march 2017


    Gearbox Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - Xbox One Gearbox


    buy it: 

    watch game trailer:


    only 34 new

  6. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    Super Lucky's Tale - Xbox One

    This item will be released on November 7, 2017. 


    Cities Skylines (Xbox One)

    • Release Date: 21 April 2017

    Aven Colony (Xbox One)

    This item has not yet been released. 


  7. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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    Biomutant - Xbox One Standard Edition

    Biomutant - Xbox One Standard Edition 


    Release date

    December 31, 2018



  8. LegendSlayer25 LegendSlayer25

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    I found a action replay and a rare n64 but we had to leave.

    the Next place i gone to was called 2nd and charles...two words for ya. RETRO HEAVEN they had a snes, atari 2600 etc retro consoles...awesome then it also had comics, manga, visual novels, Naruto manga

    amazing experience most of the games there was PS4 though.

  9. vfwmonster vfwmonster

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    Square Enix Store is having a sale up to 80% off games both physical and digital, Anniversary Sale, Feb 14th-20th


    lots of others cheap or significantly reduced




    Just Cause 3 is $5.99 for both X1 and PS4, collector's is $19.99


    Edit: Just Cause 3 on both platforms is sold out










  10. DonaldStafford DonaldStafford

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        thank you, man, I was going to buy LOST SPHEAR [NINTENDO SWITCH] for 190 dollar tomarow but on the SITE it's ONLY 49.99 WOW!  thank you so much man you save my life unknowingly. you need to buy this its worth 185.00 Surprised its super rare.