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Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball / Nintendo Entertainment System
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Major League Baseball can be played with either one player against the AI or two players against each other. Once teams are selected each player then chooses their batters and pitcher.

Throwing a pitch done by pressing the A button, then using arrows to change direction of the pitch. The speed of the pitch can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrows prior to throwing the pitch.If the ball is hit the player will gain control of the fielder nearest to the ball and standard baseball rules apply. Throwing the ball to a base is done with the A button. Pressing B plus a direction will attempt to pick off a runner.

The batter can move around inside the batter's box to help angle their swing. The player may press the A button to swing, or tap the A button to prepare for a bunt. Hitting B plus a direction will order a runner to steal a base.

Batters and pitchers may be swapped out during the game. A mini-scoreboard will pop up in the middle of the screen and display score changes immediately as they happen.