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Passpartout: The Starving Artist

Passpartout: The Starving Artist / PC
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Flamebait Games


Passe Partout is French for "master key". Passpartout is a type of mounting for a painting using only a piece of glass on the front and a piece of cardboard behind. Very cheap. As the artist Passpartout, the player starts out creating paintings in a very basic and unsophisticated way. As the game progresses, the bills that the player must pay on a monthly basis increase.

Passpartout is a game made by Flamebait Games. The player works to create small piece of art using a very limited tool set.

Like actual painting, the game does not allow the player to undo mistakes. The player only has one canvas, and no layers to work with. Players who are used to Adobe Photoshop may find this strange and hard to get used to.

A legitimate source of advice for creating art in this game is "The Joy of Painting" by Bob Ross.