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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die / PC
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First-Person Shooter







Action & Adventure


The Fun Pimps


7 days to die is a Voxel-based, open world sandbox survival game. Combing some features of FPS, survival horror, crafting, and tower defense games.

In the year 2034 after nuclear attacks have ravaged the Earth, the surviving population are infected with a mysterious unknown virus. The infected die after 7 days and soon reanimate as blood-thirsty zombies. Players take the role of a survivor in Navezgane County, Arizona.

Zombies in 7 days to die are weakened by light, or maybe made stronger by the lack of light. Either way, during the day they are slow, shambling, and easy to avoid or pick off. At night time, or in dark environments, they become much more ferocious, smashing through anything that stands in their way in order to feast upon the unfortunate and unprepared.

There are many blocks, items, and materials in 7 days to die. When players begin a new game it will be morning, and there are some buildings scattered around the pre-made map for players to salvage, loot, or move into and call home. Players could alternatively could start harvesting trees in order to gain materials, and then build their own cabin, or dig down and make an underground bunker.