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Boiling Point: Road to Hell

Boiling Point: Road to Hell / PC
editor score 7
user score 7
Release Date




First-Person Shooter





Deep Shadows


Atari SA

  • Saul Meyers is a former soldier. Saul Meyers is going to Puerto Rico. Saul Meyers is going to kick some randy guerrilla gunmen in the face.


Meet Saul Meyers
Meet Saul Meyers

    Boiling Point is a game that follows the adventures of a scorn man. Saul Meyers is an ex-military man who gets a message from a friend that his daughter had been kidnapped. After getting the news, Meyers hops on a plane and heads to a confrontation that will rock a nation. During the opening cinematics you are greeted to the blank slate character that you play over the course of the game. Somberly, he stares out the window recounting the history between him and his daughter. Meyers' daughter had been going to every hot spot in the world, documenting the struggles of the locals of that area. Saul Meyers feared that his daughter had been kidnapped when her snooping got the best of her. You take control of Meyers at a boss stop, looking out into a city ripe for the picking.



Deep Shadows created a game which is a cross between Grand Theft Auto, Deus Ex, and Far Cry. Puerto Sombra is the town that Saul Meyers ends up in. Boiling Point is a free roaming game that has many different Role Playing elements to accompany it. There are literally dozens of fractions to choose from and how you interact with each ultimately effects the games ending. You meet six factions in the first half hour of gameplay: citizens, mayor, police, mafia, bandits, guerillas, and the military. You can either be a blood hound who tears up the country searching for his daughter or you can help the establishment in an attempt to bring peace and uncover the mysteries surrounding her disappearance.

The arsenal in Boiling Point consists of a number of different guns scattered across the landscape. You have the standard fare guns like pistols, AK-47s, grenade launchers, etc. Basically anything you can expect to find on a guerilla fighter or a military soldier. Everyone in the game is able to be killed, but this can have serious ramifications on the storyline and your ability to complete the game. You could go on a killing spree at the start of the game but this would seriously effect the rest of your game time.


Shotgun Fun
Shotgun Fun

 The vibe of the game is similar to a Tarantino movie. You have over the top ethnic culture mixed with an extremely angry action hero. This combination leads to a number of unique types of music in the game. The latin music matches well with the setting and there are many songs in the game that will leave you wanting more.

Reception and Stability

Boiling Point recieved generally negative reviews, citing unfulfilled gameplay mechanics; inept AI; and the prominence of many bugs and stability issues as the reason for this. NPCs would occasionally miss triggers such as to follow Saul as a rescued hostage, defend themselves against aggressive jungle creatures, and could even fail to engage in mission critical conversation with the player. Save games would occasionally and at random corrupt themselves, rendering them unloadable. Players would see crashes to their desktops often, some consistent enough to prevent continuation of the storyline. The most prevalent issue however was the AI:
  1. NPCs that followed you for a mission would walk into traffic, run into your line of fire, throw grenades at their own feet, get calmly mauled by jungle fauna, or drown in creeks, causing you to fail a non repeatable mission and possibly preventing story progression.
    Civilians would walk into entirely stationery parked cars, subequently causing their death and resulting in armed locals suddenly becoming hostile towards the player.
    Upon sighting the player, hostile factions will not defend themselves against any other attacker including bees, jaguars, snakes, and other hostile NPCs.
    Parking cars in a bus depot will cause them to explode when the bus arrives, killing anyone in the bus or the area around the explosions.
  2. NPCs who pilot helicopters or planes continually crash into each other in the air and explode.
    Shooting some NPCs in the head will cause them to disappear without death animation.
    Police and military will shoot civilians if they become hostile to the player.
    Jungle cats would often not fulfil their animation for chasing the player, and instead float above the ground at high speed in their default model state.
    Hostile NPCs are capable of shooting you in the head through objects which a player cannot see through, such as doors, trees, bushes and small gaps in level geometry.