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Cyberia / PC
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Action & Adventure


Xatrix Entertainment, Inc.


Interplay Entertainment Corp.


Cyberia was originally released for MS-DOS in 1994. In 1995, the game was brought to PC-98 and FM Towns. The following year, 1996, brought console releases for Playstation and 3DO. Developed by Xatrix Entertainment, Inc and published by Interplay Entertainment Corp.

A shortened version of the game, consisting solely of the first half of the story, was released along with graphics cards under the title Cyberia: Mission Norway. A sequel, Cyberia 2 : Resurrection, was released in 1995 for PC only.


Cyberia relied heavily on two major gameplay systems, puzzle solving and on rails shooting. The majority was based around the puzzle solving, with the player taking control of a hacker named Zak as he wandered the halls of various complexes, usually watching employee's video emails. However, Zak would sometimes find himself in control of a few vehicles, which is where the on rails shooting came in. At the beginning of each game the player could specify the difficulty of both independently, although both couldn't be set to easy as the game considered it "too easy".

Gamer Culture

While at Game Informer, in 2012, Dan Ryckert, took place in a full replay of the game. A PlayStation 3 was used for the replay and ran for eight one hour episodes. At one point, they entertained the idea of switching to an original PlayStation. The original PlayStation supported mouse controls and they felt the game was nearly unplayable with a controller. Tim Turi, the player, nearly gave up several times, but was constantly goaded by Dan Ryckert. The video series can be found on Game Informer's YouTube channel.