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DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC

DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC / PC
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Digital Happiness


Digital Happiness

This edition of DreadOut includes :


In-game Costume unlock code. Starting the game with Linda's wardrobe unlocked. 

15 Tracks of music soundtrack.

100 pages of digital manga.


Linda's wardrobe includes three additional costumes. In the standard version, Linda's various costumes will unlock after completing the game.


The Official Soundtrack in both MP3 and Wav formats, with music from various Indonesian indie bands. 

Tracks included :

1. Mocca - Lucky Me

2. Koil - Suaramu Merdu

3. Sarasvati - Bilur

4. Sarasvati feat. Trah Project - Gloomy Sunday

5. Koil - Semoga Kau Sembuh part I

6. Tesla Manaf & Mahagotra Ganesha - Disequilibrium

7. Sigmun - Land of the Living Dead

8. Koil - Dan Cinta Kita Terlupakan


This compilation also includes the DreadOut OST, with music composed and arranged by by Adhitia Sulistiana Wibisana and Pratama Kusuma Putra 

featuring Risa Saraswati. 

Tracks Included:

01 - DreadOut BGM - Animus Corpus

02 - DreadOut BGM - Malivolus Inimicus

03 - DreadOut BGM - Insidiae Fatum

04 - DreadOut BGM - Tacitus Noctii

05 - DreadOut BGM - Gigantus Mutandis

06 - DreadOut BGM - Compendium Detractus

07 - Risa Saraswati - Lingsir Wengi


The official DreadOut manga written and illustrated by various Indonesian writers and artists. 

Containing 100+ pages of stories based on the game in PDF format.